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  (215) 478-1377

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the initial meet and greet?

The initial meeting is approximately one half hour in duration.  Please have all forms completed and your vet records copied prior to the meeting so that we can spend the time getting to know you and your pets.  The company owners will come out to see what your pet’s needs are and to answer any questions you may have.  Please have 2 sets of working keys ready at this meeting to avoid a key pick-up charge.  Please test your keys prior to the meeting. 


Will you take care of my outdoor cat(s)?

We cannot be responsible for the care of your outdoor cat.  Safety is a major concern and cats that remain outdoors are at risk for getting hit by a car or attacked by another animal.  We will not honor a request to “ignore” the outdoor cat or pretend the cat is not there if we are caring for other animals in your home such as dogs.  If you have an outdoor cat, we will only accept the assignment if the cat remains indoors during our entire visit and we will charge for cat care. 

Can I have a family member or neighbor stop-by to share in the care of my animals?

While many people like to have well-intentioned friends and relatives check on their pets while they are away, or share pet sitting duties to save money, third-party access poses many problems.  It nullifies coverage by the insurance company, poses a threat to our pet sitters, and causes confusion with pet care such as over feeding, missed feedings, unlocked doors, etc.  We cannot provide service to clients interested in having third-party access.  We hate to say no to our clients so please don’t ask us to bend the rules on this one. 


Will updates on my pet be provided while I am away?

We will leave daily reports in your home while you are away.  You will return home to find an in-depth note left every time we cared for your pets.  We will detail everything we did with your pet and notate your pet’s demeanor.


What does it mean that you are insured?

We carry liability insurance through Hartford that protects you in the event we are liable for accidents that occurred while caring for your pets.  All reputable businesses should carry liability insurance and you should ask to see copies of their Certificate of Coverage. 


How can I trust that my keys and home are safe with The Real Housedogs of Bucks County?

Your personal information, along with the contents and layout of your home, will always remain confidential. Keys are coded anonymously and kept in a secured location.  We are very familiar with various types of alarm systems. Your alarm codes are kept confidential.


What times do pet sitters make their visits?

Our usual pet runs are from 7am – 9am, middays between 10:45am-2:30p.m., and dinner time visits between 6:00-8:00 p.m.  We can add a late night visit on special request.  Your pet would not go longer than 12 hours between visits.  If your dog was visited at 8pm, the visit the following morning would take place no later than 8am. 


Will you administer medication?

Due to the anxiety this tends to cause on pets, we request that you administer medications to your pet.  If this is not possible, and your pet requires medication, we will attempt to give medicine orally if it can be hidden in food.


What types of payments do you accept and when am I expected to pay?

We accept cash, personal checks and credit card payments via Square at time of reservation.  Payments are processed before service begins. Your reservation is not booked until payment is made.  We will not accept payments left on the table at the time of service.


Will I be charged for visits if I return home early?

Yes, you will be charged for the entire visit booked as we have reserved that time for your pet family and have declined services to other clients to book your time slot.  The cancellation policy requires 7 days advanced notice for Vacation Pet Sitting prior to the first day of scheduled Pet Sit in order to get credit for future visit.


What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice is required for cancellation for daily dog walking clients.  If we get to your house and cannot gain access, you will be charged the full fee.  7 days prior notice required for cancellation of Vacation Pet Sitting.  (Vacation Pet Sitting consists of 2 or more visits scheduled sequentially for 2 or more days while you are away from home). If 7 days notice is not given prior to the first day scheduled for Vacation Pet Sitting, client will be charged for the entire Pet Sitting visit booked.  14 days prior notice required for cancellation of Holiday Pet Sitting.  Holidays are defined in the Rates & Services section of our website & in our Service Agreement.  If 14 days cancellation notice for scheduled Holiday Pet Sitting is not given, Client will be charged for complete Holiday services booked.  If proper notice is given, we will provide credit for a future service.


What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds under any circumstances, however; we will provide credit for future services if proper notice is given.


Can I change or alter the pet sitting contract/agreement to suit my needs?

No, the pet sitting contract is the legal contract we govern our business by and it cannot be altered.  Please do not cross out, change, or try to negotiate our policies.  We will not omit the third party access section, negotiate the prices on request, or alter the legal contract in any way.  We feel it is important to provide the same excellent service to all of our clients and therefore, will we not make exceptions to the contract for clients that make these requests.  Using the same guidelines for everyone maintains fairness for all of our respected clients.

What are the areas you service?

Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Holland, Richboro, Southampton, Buckingham, Pineville, Lahaska, New Hope, Washington Crossing, Upper Makefield & Lower Makefield.

Should The Real Housedogs of Bucks County be notified when I return home?

Yes, please call or email us upon your arrival to let us know that you arrived safely and your pets have their “pet parents” home to care for them.