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  (215) 478-1377

Please complete the Client/Pet Information Form & Service Agreement to Request Services

Initial Consultation with Owner (No charge)

Initial consultation with owner is offered at no charge! Please have two sets of keys tested and ready at that time to avoid a key pick-up charge. Kindly complete the above Client/Pet Information Form and Service Agreement prior to the meeting so that we can review and discuss the information at the consultation.  Please feel free to ask any questions and tell us all about your fuzzy friend!


Dog Visit  (20-30 minutes $20.00 per visit)

This is our standard dog visit, which includes, taking your furry friend for a walk on a leash, or yard time if preferred (in fenced yard if instructed by owner), feeding, affection, hugs and cuddles. (Price includes 1 dog, $3.00 each additional dog.)This is for clients who are booking midday dog walks less than 5 days per week.


Daily Midday Dog Visit for the Working Professional 
  (20-30 minutes $19.00 per visit, 5 days/wk)

This is a discounted price for the 20-30 minute Dog Visit to walk your dog on a daily basis, Monday – Friday, midday (10:45am-2:30pm), with a prepaid monthly package of 20 visits. You must schedule walks 5 days per week to be eligible for discount.  ($380 total for (20) visit prepaid package.  Price includes 1 dog, $3.00 each additional dog per day)

Vacation Pet Sitting

Your pets will be visited 3x per day while you are on vacation: mornings 7am – 9am, middays between 10:45am-2:30pm, and dinner time visits between 6:00-8:00 p.m.  We can add a late night visit on special request.  Your pet would not go longer than 12 hours between visits.  If your dog was visited at 8pm, the visit the following morning would take place no later than 8am. 

Overnight Care ($95)

This “sleepover party” takes place from 9pm – 6:00am and offers a night of individualized love and attention for your dog. This is a wonderful option for dogs with separation anxiety or for pet parents who want overnight care, but are not comfortable about leaving their pets in kennels.  Your pooch gets to spend the night in your home, giving them individualized attention with their Pet Nanny. Your pet stays in his/her home environment with all of its familiarity to ease separation anxiety. Overnight care includes as many walks as needed, feeding, fresh water, and plenty of attention, hugs, belly rubs and games of tug. This also gives added security to your home.  (Price includes one dog. $5.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)

Hourly Pet Service ($39.00 per hour)

This is our extended dog visit, which includes taking your dog for a longer walk on a leash, or more yard time if preferred (in fenced yard if instructed by owner), replenish food, refresh water, playtime, affection, hugs and cuddles. We can also take your pet to the vet or groomer or pick-up pet supplies for this hourly rate, plus mileage charge. One hour minimum charge.  (Price includes one dog. $5.00 additional fee for each additional dog.)

Pretty Kitty Care (20 minutes $20)

This standard visit includes litter scooping, water and food refresh, and playing with your fabulous feline. (Price includes up to 3 cats. Add $1.50 for each additional cat)


Litter Box Change ($7.00 per litter box change)

Complete litter box change including liner replacement, disposal of old litter and new litter placed in box.  This service is an add-on to our Pretty Kitty Care service.


Distributing Medication ($5.00 per visit)

Medicines that can be added to food or snuck into wrapped cheese.


Holiday Pet Care ($10.00 extra per visit.)

Complete fee goes directly to the pet care giver as a bonus for working holidays.


Calendar holidays include:

New Years Day (beginning 5:00p.m. on New Years Eve)          Independence Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)                                                    Memorial Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)

Presidents’ Day Weekend (Sat-Mon)                                          Halloween

Easter                                                                                             Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Weekend

Mother’s Day                                                                                  Christmas Eve                                            

Father’s Day                                                                                   Christmas Day


Key pick-up or drop-off  

Please have your keys ready at the initial consultation for us so we do not have to charge you for additional visits. Clients provide 2 sets of keys. Please ensure both sets of keys work. If you choose to not leave keys on file, a key drop-off fee applies. We will not leave keys in your home after final visit. Emergencies or travel delays may require us to return to your property. We maintain both sets of keys in two different locations in a safe lock box. For security purposes, the keys do not have any identifiable information—only a code name. We keep your address in a separate place to maintain safety.


Payment is due at time of booking via Square.  All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 


**If you are away on vacation and have cat sits scheduled, for the safety of your kitty, we will not skip days.

Service Area includes: Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Holland, Richboro, Southampton, Buckingham, Pineville, Lahaska, New Hope, Washington Crossing, Upper Makefield & Lower Makefield.