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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting for your RHOBC (Real Housedogs of Bucks County)
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Your "Real Housedog" deserves only the finest care!  We specialize in midday daily individual dog walking for the working professional, vacation pet sitting and cat sitting services.  Our family also owns the only Dog Grooming Academy licensed by the PA Department of Education in Southeastern PA (Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania). 

Daily Midday Dog Walking & Vacation Pet Sitting

Daily midday dog walking services and vacation petting are available by our insured, college educated Professional Dog Walkers. We have been in business since 2008, providing outstanding pet care to thousands of satisfied customers.

Why Use a Professional Dog Walker instead of a Doggie Daycare or a Kennel?

 -Pets remain in their own comfortable home and will receive one-on-one care from a dedicated Pet Sitter, eliminating separation anxiety. Sending your dog away to doggie day care/kennel will not address this issue, it will only exacerbate the issue.


-No exposure to illness, communicable diseases or parasites present in doggie daycares and kennels. Just like children can easily pick up illnesses from other kids at daycare, the likelihood of your dog picking sicknesses/fleas/ticks at doggie daycare or a kennel is high. 

-SAFETY.  Your beloved pet will be not be exposed to aggressive animals and will not be injured by other dogs.  In doggie daycare and kennels, things can rapidly spiral out of control due to the ratio of humans to dogs.  Your pets will have the full attention of a Professional Dog Walker versus doggie daycare workers who are caring for multiple pets simultaneously.

-Pets in doggie daycares and kennels are not individually walked on a leash--they are let outside to relieve themselves in groups or they are allowed to go indoors. This can affect your dog's housebreaking and they will often continue to eliminate indoors. Your dog's training will remain in tact as they will get a nice long walk in their own neighborhood, providing much needed exercise and human companionship.

-Less noise!  Your pet will not be frightened by the constant barking of other boarded dogs.  Doggie daycares and kennels are not for all dogs, especially senior dogs.  Some dogs prefer a quieter atmosphere and find it stressful to be consistently instigated by other dogs. Dogs are always most at ease in their own home. Dog walking is more custom fit for your dog, while dog daycare and kenneling is one size fits all.


-You will not have to spend valuable time during your day dropping off and picking up your dog.  Your furry friend will be happily waiting for you when you return home.  


-In-home Pet Sitting is very cost effective for families with multiple pets.

Cat Sitting

We provide specialized cat sitting service for clients on vacation or business travel.  Cat visits include litter scooping, water and food refresh, and playing with your fabulous feline.  We can also perform a complete litter change at customer's request for an extra fee.